Alongside our scenic flights, we also do a variety of commercial work throughout the South Island.

We are happy to provide quotes for the North Island too.





Search & Rescue

We have top of the line thermal technology for search and rescue operations. The same technology is used by the United States Coast Guard & Sheriff’s Departments and is also useful for finding animals and fire hot spots.

Sling Work

Two of our experienced pilots are available for lifting operations, monsoon bucket work, relocation of tools and assets to remote job sites and for sluicing during flooding. (South Westland can get a little wet at times!)


Fire Fighting

We have top of the line thermal technology available for locating hot spots and and experienced team members available to assist with fire fighting.


Helicopter Onsite re-fueling during a contract
Helicopter carrying supplies

Frost Protection 

We have multiple machines and pilots available for frost protection work for a variety of crops throughout New Zealand.


Animal Mustering

We work with a number of stations and studs throughout the South Island to muster their stock.


Pest Control

We work with the Department of Conservation and private land owners controlling a variety of pests.



We work with ZIP (Zero Invasive Predators) on their mitigation programme monitoring kiwis and kea.


Back Country Maintenance

An example of our work here is assisting maintenance of radio and cell towers on the West Coast.


Helicopter Bringing supplies during road closure