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Frequently Asked Questions


Your questions answered before your flight.

If you have any other questions please email us at bookings@gch.nz

Q1. What can I bring to my helicopter flight? (camera equipment, clothes, etc.)
  • Footwear: closed shoes.
  • Clothing: a warm light layer. No loose garments like scarfs, or anything that can blow away.
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera: You are more than welcome to bring your camera equipment. No selfie sticks for safety reasons.
  • No extra baggage: no handbags, backpacks or similar. You can safely leave those behind with us before your helicopter flight.
Q2. What happens after I click any of the website blue buttons to make a Booking?

You will be redirected to our Booking Form, where you will be prompted to fill in your details. After selecting your date, type of flight, and pushing ‘Book Now’, you will receive a confirmation email. No credit card details required!

Q3. Do I get charged when making a booking?

No. We only take payment prior to your flight’s commencement. 

Q4. How can I pay?

You can pay with cash, epftos, credit card, union pay, visa, mastercard, ali pay and we chat pay.

Q5. When is your next flight?

We fly every time the weather is good! Give us a call or ask us in the office how’s the weather looking for the day you want to fly. Then ask if we have spots available. We fly on demand. Hopefully see you soon!